Essay about Econmic Concepts in a Bug's Life Movie

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‘A Bug’s Life’
Economic Concepts

The movie “A Bug’s Life” greatly portrays the way humans have interacted within various economic systems. It resembles the old traditional economies like imperialism, modern market capitalism and historical revolutions. The ant colony, which is the movie’s source of struggle and triumph, represents a typical old traditional economy. The ants relied on the fruits of their own labor. In other words, they are farmers like the other third-world countries in our today’s world. However, the time came when they no longer farm for themselves anymore. Since the beginning of the movie, the ants had to spend all of their time grazing for the grasshoppers. This is a classical depiction of a powerful nation
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The queen denied it and she tries to put the blame on Flick. An economic concept arises when the leader of the grasshopper told the queen that; the first rule of leadership is that the leader is always at fault when something bad has happen to the colony. As we can see in our country, the citizens blame the government if something bad has happen inside the country. In effort to overthrow the rule of the grasshoppers, Flick embarks to a journey in search of help from other bugs to aid the ant colony. And of course, his fellow ants, thinks it’s a suicide. This concept illustrates local people gambling with fate to other foreign countries to earn money. As Flick observes the city, he got the feel for what the difference may be between his world and that of the other bugs. Also, depiction of market capitalism is widely seen in this scene with all those billboards and banners of advertisements. The billboard’s depiction of market capitalism is that of most commercialized places around the world such as America and Japan. It’s also seen the dealings of globalized society such as homelessness like the grasshopper, and transportation. Flick’s hunt for an army of bug warrior closely resembles of an attempt for a revolution by overthrowing a ruling imperialist nation. In our country, this represents those NPAs or the “New People’s Army” who’s agenda is to overthrow anyone who took the place of a president. For every president’s

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