Econ 301 Essay

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ECON 301 ASSIGNMENT In Turkey, one of the debates about the country is elections, whether the elections are fair or is there a question mark on it. Everyone knows that literacy rate is really above when we compare with developed countries. Some believes that younger people don’t have a lot of information about politics and they vote the one which has more votes on elections or if we give an another example, rich people vote the party which is popular so that way they don’t get hurt in economical way. People who makes economical researchs, wanted to research elections in Turkey. TABLE 1 | | | DATA NAME | MEASUREMENT | SOURCE | RATE OF POLİTİCAL PARTIES | NUMBER | YSK | ECONOMICAL STATUS OF VOTERS | NUMBER | VOTERS | COLLEGE …show more content…
| RATE OF PARTIES | 13,613 | 7,716 | 19019.05 | 2,233 | 48,981 | ECONOMICAL STATUS OF PEOPLE | 1,370,993 | 666,117 | 498422.6 | 300,419 | 32,132,131 | COLLEGE GRADUATES/ECONOMICAL RATIO | 0.32 | 0.45 | 0.645623 | 0.26 | 0.58 | DEGREE RESTRICTIONS | 18.79 | 19.21 | 1.327166 | 16 | 21 |

After adjustment process of raw data, first findings are as follows from Table 2. For number of parties in Turkey, it can be seen that average mean number is close to maximum instead of minimum. Additionaly, when there is a high mean than the median, it supports the idea that data includes some outliers which has low rate of vote and high rate of vote. By the way, having big standard deviation makes that states have different parties that got elected. Economical status of people shows that there are people who vote when his/her earning is 300 lira to 30 thousand lira. Average percentage of people who are graduated from college over their economical ratio is normal around 32 percentage and mean is between minimum and maximum number so it makes that 32 percentage is not suprisingly different. Degree restrictions used in analysis in dummy variable. In other words, if citizen who hasn’t gone to school 0 is the value it gets. If the citizen gone to school 1 is the value that will take. As second step of calculations, relationship between rate of political party (dependent variable) and main independent variable (economical status of people) is examined and not

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