Ecology Vs Biomimicry

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Economy and Ecology are sometimes presented to have conflicting interests with each other.
In Industry Awakens to Threat of Climate Change by Coral Davenport, effects of climate change on company forces them to go greener. Challenging focus on only economic will lead to many problems in the future which will affect production in the long term. Like climate change which led to serious water shortage in 2004. “When we look at our most essential ingredients, we see those events as a threat”( Davenport 1). Seeing essential items scarce means it’s limited and that will affect the making of a certain product and will drive business down. Coke reflects “a growing view among American business leaders and mainstream economists who see global warming
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Bio means life and mimic means to imitate. It focuses on sustainability and efficiency. It is important that garbage and waste are disposed properly going back to nature. An example of Biomimicry used in the text is “… the filaments spiders make or the shell material abalones construct” (Jacobs 6-7). Biomimicry is like a puzzle; it is difficult, complicating and hard to learn the way prairies manage to replenish themselves years after years. Therefore Armbruster said “but it sounds like another way for us to exploit nature- trying to get out of technological messes with more technological messes”( Jacobs 7). If Biomimicry is so hard to accomplish, it did not seem practical. It’s the use of natural resources for economic growth when you don’t know if it might work (test …show more content…
We have to act responsibly and accordingly to ensure we don’t use up resources we might need in the future. Our resources are limited and using it for granted will have a negative impact for us. Maintaining nature forever will help protect the future generations. Making sure all stuff we use can be decomposed and go back to nature instead of sitting on earth for billions of years. By incorporating sustainability in your lifestyle, it will help us, instead of buying a replacement of the same item we can just fix it. Recycling items will make sure it does not go to waste; you can use it another time. Also before purchasing something, ask yourself whether if this is a need or want instead of taking everything around us for

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