Ecological Justification For Coral Reefs And Environmental Criticisms

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Register to read the introduction… Some of the marine organisms that are associated with coral reefs go directly to our stomach. In addition, reef fish constitute about 15% of the entire world wide catch.
Aesthetic Justification: There is countless of tourists who appreciate the beauty of nature. Millions of tourists from around the world who flock to reef areas to fish, swim, dive, and enjoy their beauty.
Moral Justification: Coral reefs has moral rights to not get destroyed and stay healthy because coral reefs that exist today are 5,000 to 10,000 years old. Also by taking the brunt of the force of waves, coral reefs protect coastlines from erosion, function that is estimated to be $50,000 per year, which may be more than some people’s yearly salary. They already are associated to millions of marine organisms too, so they definitely have their rights to not get destroyed or harmed.
If Maitri were making his living by fishing rather than farming shrimp, how might he view the preservation of coral reefs? What arrangements could be made to meet his needs but at the same time preserve coral reefs in his

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