Eco Village Essay

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Eco-villages: A Part of the New Elk Grove?
Imagine yourself in a town that looks somewhat like a fairy tale: houses float from trees, children are able to roam free of mundane fear, neighborhoods are surrounded by nature, and in this town all living arrangements coincide with nature. The residents of this town work with nature not against it, for their own selfish desires. In return, they receive the benefits of being surrounded by nature. These types of towns are in fact real, and have a name, eco villages. Now as an Elk Grove resident and parent, the idea of an eco village probably seems farfetched, and many have not even heard of the term, eco villages, unless they are an environmental activist. The first question that comes to mind is
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The term eco villages was first coined in the book, Last Child in the Woods by Ricahrd Louv. Richard Louv mentioned various developments of eco villages in European countries that were described in Timothy Beatley 's book, Green Urbanism: Learning from European Cities. Beatley mentions cities such as Sweden, Zurich, and the Netherlands. Europeans have successfully applied the idea of eco villages to their cities. According to Timothy Beatley, in Sweden homes are built on pillars to minimize the impact on nature and look like they are floating on air, as well as owning up to 60 of its own farms that are available to the public. Beatley states," that one quarter of Zurich is in forest and that their goal is to restore urban streams and line them with vegetation." (Louv) Lastly, in the Netherlands, they have a plan to cut off a highway to make an eco roof for bikes and pedestrians to walk. For European cities as a whole, the landscape is intertwined with nature but keeps the same urban qualities that are present in any …show more content…
According to Benefits of Life, “Eco friendly living is good for your health, the environment, creates jobs, and creates the demand for more eco friendly products." Being aware of the environment reduces the amount of pollution that can affect your skin, lungs, food, or anything that goes into your body. Environmental jobs that assist in helping the environment are on the rise since we are in critical times and with eco friendly living becoming more popular means more jobs for residents of Elk Grove. Ecofriendly living also creates the demand for more environmentally cautious products since more individuals are using them. Lastly the environment benefits the most. The vegetation on earth is more likely to survive if we treat it as sacred and with some care. According to “Cloughjordan: Ecovillage” by Peadar Kirby, Ireland was their first to have a member owned farm that is used all year long. (Peadar 51) The people of Cloughjordan have a understanding of where their food comes from and also an appreciation of the time that goes into the process of growing produce. The Cloughjordan farm is a perfect example of how eco villages can create jobs and encourage the creation of eco friendly products. Even though there are many benefits, the main concern is the

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