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After reading the Monkey Wrench Gang, by Edward Abbey, I find myself questioning the moral and philosophical aspects of eco-sabotage. Is it right? Is it helping? I find myself unclear on where I stand on the issue. If it were me, would I be out there on the front lines? Or would I fall back, and stand by the safety of everyday life? I find myself thinking that I would be out there, but I wouldn’t follow the example of those in the book. To me, they didn’t have their reasoning, or their strategies quite set in line. So, I believe that eco-saboteurs have the general idea, but they need to revise their tactics.
Now, I will admit, in reality, most eco-saboteurs are out their fighting for the right reasons. Urban Dictionary defines them as
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I believe that eco-saboteurs are doing what they think is best, but that they need to back down, and let qualified people take over. The field of sustainability, and functional technology are making a niche for themselves out there in the big picture. Global warming is a fact, not an interesting, but frightening, hypothesis. Books on saving the earth in your backyard and energy conservation are becoming trendy. People are thinking about it; it’s become clear to the common eye. People are beginning to feel the effects of prior generations’ mistakes. And they’re thinking about it.
Eco-warriors. Eco-terrorists. Eco-saboteurs, pioneers, scoundrels, troublemakers, cons, revolutionaries, jet setters, redeemers. Whatever term you call them by, they’re back. And they’re making the same mistakes as before.
If you're thinking one year ahead, sow seeds.
If you're thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree.
If you're thinking one hundred years ahead, educate the people.

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