Essay Ecl Case Study

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ECL Case Study
Written by: Renee Essig
Due Date: 11/28/2012

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Executive Summary 3
Problem Identification 4
Situation Analysis 5
Recommendations 6
References 7

Executive Summary This report provides a problem identification, analysis and recommendations for Electronic Communications Ltd (ECL) as they establish business endeavors in China. It will be analyzing communication skills, team building and conflict. Analysis of the three problems was analyzed using in-class textbooks and additional readings to support findings. Results of problem identification are centered on cultural diversity between Western and Chinese cultures. In conclusion, recommendations are for
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90). Unlike America where managers are guided to provide constructive criticism to employees, China sees this as losing face, or one’s dignity and self-respect. “…face is the positive image you wish to create or preserve” (Engleberg & Wynn, 2010, pg. 225). Even though this is an individualist trait, the Chinese continue to cultivate a collectivist aspect. Team building was not shown as a positive strength with the ECL China team. Expatriates explained that it can be attributed to the Chinese education system because “…the system places more emphasis on testing individual ability” rather than interaction with in a team environment (Ho, 2001, pg. 3). Being a collectivist culture plays a part in team building. Thompson mentions “…collectivist cultures are more concerned with maintaining harmony in interpersonal relationships with the in-group than are individualistic cultures” such as American culture (Thompson, 2009, pg. 263). China practices a top down management style, placing stress on personal growth. Engleberg and Wynn describes this as high power distance where “…individuals accept major differences in power as normal, assuming that all people are not created equal” (2010, pg. 88). Since the Chinese education system put extreme emphasis on individual ability, in a team setting, this can create what Thompson describes as in-group

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