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eCampus Website User Manual


Greg Hayes

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Login Page 3 Username and Password 3 Forgot? 4 New Student 5 IRN 6 What’s New 6
Top Navigation 6 Welcome 6 Inbox 6 My Profile 6 What’s New 7 Help 7 Logout 8
Main Tabs 9 Home 9 Classroom 9 Library 9 Program 9 Account 9 Phoenix Connect 9
Class Tabs 9 Current Classes 9 Previous Classes 9 Future Classes 9
Phoenix Connect 9 Learning Communities 9 Community Aid 9
Contacts 9
Quick Links 9 Schedule and Grades 10 Program Credits 10 Student Workshops 10 Life Resource Center 11 Phoenix Career Services 11
Messages 11
Campus News 11
Tools 11 Email 11 Chat 11 Calendar 11 Help 11
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Keep in mind whichever tab is selected is the class that will be connected to when you click on the classroom section.

Current Classes
The current tab provides information and access to the currently enrolled class. You may select materials, discussions, and assignments.
Previous Classes
The previous tab allows you to look back on the last completed class(es) within the last 6 weeks. You may review materials, discussions, and assignments. If you want to look at a previous class that was not within the last 6 weeks you can refer to the “Schedule and Grades” link.
Future Classes
The Future classes tab will show the next upcoming class(es) that a you will be enrolled in within the next 30 days. You may access materials only as discussions and assignments are not yet recorded. Instructor information is not yet provided.

PhoenixConnect allows you to join communities of all different forms. To join a community, perform the following steps.

1. Click on PhoenixConnect

2. Click on Communities

3. Type the subject of the community you are looking to join. As you begin to type in the subject the application will begin its search.

4. Mouse over the community you’d like to join and click on the link “Follow this community”.

5. Your new community will now show up in “My Communities and Groups”.


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