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Signs Expansion Proposal


Signs and Design Business Expansion Proposal

Signs Expansion Proposal Signs and Design Business Expansion Proposal E-Commerce Solutions
The E-Commerce solution I recommend for Howard Signs and Design to leverage is the Intuit Online Payment System and Payment Network ( This benefits the business because it is inexpensive. There are no setup fees, monthly fees or cancellation fees. Each inbound


bank transaction has a flat fee rate of fifty cents for payee and is free for all payers. Automatic bank to bank payments are quick, most are next day. Online invoicing is easy and payment requests can be sent directly to email, pay buttons are available for the business Web site and
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The goal for search engines (like Google and Bing) is to

Signs Expansion Proposal send their users to the Web site that is most suited for their needs. (Quirk, Chapter 6.1: Introduction, 2013) For businesses like Howard Signs and Design, The goal is to have search engines list their websites higher than their competitors when search engine users look for signage products or services. The best that can be achieved is to be listed at the top of the first


page of a search engine result. The benefits of higher rankings provide increased trust, popularity and relevance with customers. In order to accomplish this for Howard Signs and Design, I recommend the following four strategies to increase the rankings and reputation of their online Web site. The four strategies are to use a web site structure that is search engine friendly, a robust and relevant list of key phrases, content designed to leverage the key phrase list and use localization to maximize the customer experience. (Quirk, Chapter 6.2: How It Works, 2013) The structure of a business Web site can have an impact on the visibility of the website for search engines and customers. The goal is to have the entire website visible to the internet and completely indexed by search engines so you can maximize your key word list. Without this visibility and indexing the value of a designated key word list is greatly diminished. Short and simple descriptive

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