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Assignment 1 eBusiness Development and Strategies

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Methodology 3 Introduction 4 Current Developments in eBusiness 6 eBusiness Strategies 11 Conclusion 14 Recommendations 14 Refrences 14 Bibliography 14

* Research the development of eBusiness to include emerging eBusiness technologies and applications. * Appraise the main eBusiness strategies and technologies in current use to include business to consumer, business to business and business to government markets. * Utilise a range of current eBusiness terms within the context of providing eBusiness solutions.

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There are the 3 types of eBusiness. The first one and one of the most popular types of eBusiness is Bricks and Clicks. It is a type where a company conducts business both offline and online. ‘’Bricks’’ would be referred to offline business which means when business is done in person, for example in store buildings, stores and etc. However the word “clicks” relates to the clicking of a computer which means all the transactions are done via online. Example of brick and click companies would be a book store, which sells their products in stores which means you can buy your book in a store and as well as online, where you can purchase your books through internet and download them to your device, as for example: IPad or MacBook. The other type is PurePlay. PurePlay is a public company that is focused on only one platform for selling it goods and services and this platform is the internet. This type of eBuisness has no physical store. A good example of pureplay would be www.amazon.com The last type of eBusiness is Brick and Mortar. This is business that deals with its customers face to face in an office or store that the business owns or may be rents. The grocery store is a good example of "brick and mortar" companies. Brick and mortar businesses comparing to web based businesses are not so successful.

eCommerce is buying and selling products and services by different businesses and consumers through internet. E-commerce is

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