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EBUS308-1402A-01: Introduction to e-Business
Zumba Fitness E-Commerce Business Plan
Brittany Lattimore
11 May 2014

Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Mission Statement 3 Company Summary 3 Business Model 4 Stakeholders 6 Supply Chain Management Plan 7 Supply Chain Management System 7 Procurement Process Product Flow 8 Coordination Activities in the Product Procurement Process 9 Information Flow in the Supply Chain 9 Financial Flow in the Supply Chain 10 Customer Relationship Management Plan 12 Customer Touch Points 12 Customer Profile 14 Customer Satisfaction and How it’s Measured 15 Internet Branding and Marketing Plan 17 Market Analysis Summary 17 Brand Strategy 18 Customer Engagement Plan 19
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The DVDs, as well as the video games, will allow customers to experience Zumba in the comfort of their own home, which will be especially beneficial for clients who are apprehensive about going to a gym and trying a class for the first time. At Zumba Fitness, feeling the music and letting it move you is more important than memorizing a routine or doing several repetitions of an exercise. We are always searching for exciting new songs and interesting dance routines that can be simplified or made harder depending on how hard a customer wants to push themselves.
In keeping with our belief that our workouts should always be evolving to stay as enjoyable as possible, every month we release a new DVD so that customers can change up the routines and not get bored practicing the same disc over and over again. Customers have the option of buying the new DVD every month when it comes out, or they can sign up for a subscription where they will automatically be sent the newest DVD each month and will receive an additional discount and access to special features on our website. Our workouts are not just geared towards adults that are trying to lose weight, but we also have DVDs and classes that are geared for children ages 5 and up, as well as seniors ages 60 and over. We understand that everyone has different goals and different abilities therefore, it is our goal at Zumba Fitness to ensure we provide a product that will be beneficial to people of all

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