Ebay: Situation Analysis And Gap Analysis: Ebay

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Situation Analysis

Industry Analysis
With the increasing rate of technology plus expansion of the World Wide Web, consumers can now connect to modern markets much faster than traditional markets. Traditional markets and auctions are typically built off of relationships between peers and family. In September of 1995, Pierre Omidyar founded eBay; a service that would connect consumers, allowing them to buy and sell products. A vision of connecting individuals together has lead eBay to host an average of 162 million users, 15% of which are sellers.
There are some perks that come with e-intermediary services including: its ability to save time; its ability to lower costs for sellers; it allows for greater product variety; it decreases the amount
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The brand it has grown has landed it as one of the most valuable brands in 2015.
Customer Base: eBay has a loyal and well established customer base given the 164 million active buyers today. eBay is listed as number 32 in global retail brands.
Prices & Guarantees: eBay has effective programs that assist in gaining market share by earning its customer’s trust. eBay’s competitive prices allow it to continue doing business despite its competitors.
Mobile Compatibility: eBay offers technology tools such as Shyp, eBay Valet, eBay mobile, and StubHub that allows its customers to view its services anywhere.
Partnerships: Classified’s group, Close5, StubHub, Shyp, and eBay Valet each provide various services to eBay customers. Using these partnerships expands the reach to eBay’s target audience.
Connected Commerce: eBay allows sellers to run their own businesses via eBay, for a small monthly fee. Running one’s own business has become easy and efficient in the world of e-intermediary.
Customer Service: eBay’s 24/7 customer service allows any problems, questions, or concerns to be relieved via phone call or

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