Ebay Competitive Advantage

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Register to read the introduction… Basically, any device that a person can sell to gazelle.com, they could also sell on their own on www.ebay.com. In all likelihood, in fact, they would probably get more money by selling their products on their own. However, in order to sell the item on Ebay, they would have to go through the process of setting up the listing, communicating with potential buyers, dealing with complaints or returns or non-payments, etc. There are a number of time consuming situations that come about when one sells their device on their own, and for many, the time required to do it isn’t worth the extra money they’d get by doing it themselves. …show more content…
I think they have carved out a pretty nice niche for themselves. One thing that they really have going for themselves is trust. I think that this is truly an important aspect in this field because many consumers probably don’t know how to perform a factory reset on their device and as such, are relying on gazelle.com to remove their personal information from the devices that they send in. Gazelle.com has been advertising HEAVILY in the tech news circles for the past couple of years. They sponsor a number of well-known tech podcasts, and are very well known and widely covered by the tech

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