Essay on Eating Well With Canada 's Food Guide

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a. My average intake does not completely satisfy the recommendations from Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide. To start it off, grain products are the only food group where I meet the recommendation of six to seven servings by averaging a daily intake of seven servings. As for the remaining food groups, I either consume more or less than what is recommended. My average consumption of meat and alternatives are about three servings whereas the suggested intake is two servings. My average intake of milk and alternatives is one serving while the suggested intake is three to four servings. Lastly, my vegetables and fruit consumption are three to four servings less than what is recommended, which is seven to eight servings. Overall, my diet is very unbalanced because I consume more meat and alternatives and less milk and alternatives and vegetables and fruit. My consumption of meat and alternatives reflects that of a male adult or teen whereas my consumption of vegetables and fruit reflects that of a child age two to three years old. And for milk and alternatives, I consume less than what is recommended for any age group. Therefore, my diet is inadequate since I do not consume a balance of nutrients and energy from the food groups that is recommended in Canada’s Food Guide.

b. A number of factors cause a great difference between my average intake and Health Canada’s recommendations. First of all, I do not enjoy consuming great amounts dairy products, such as milk and…

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