Eating Well Is More Complex Than Just Its Association With Health

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Defining what is eating well is more complex than just its association with health. In fact, the notion of eating well, or how do we eat well can be approached from various perspective. King (2007) argued that the definition of eating well could be addressed not only from the nutritional aspect but also from the aesthetic and moral perspective. From the perspective of morality, eating well implies as a sustainable eating practice, where the sustainability means ‘meeting the human needs without compromising the ability of future generation of people to meet their needs’ (King, 2007). Similarly, Paxson (2013) argued that eating well embraces both ‘being well in health and being good morally’ (Paxson, 2013). The understanding of ‘good’ way to eat will be the basic guide of the practices towards food and how to eat better (Davies, 2014). As an arising issue, food waste is often failed to be taken into deeper consideration. Bloom (2011) considered food waste as a callous conduct of moral. Accordingly, food waste represents the praxis contrasting to the concept of eating well. In fact, what is believed as waste is generated from the whole food system, from the production to the consumption (Silva, 2013). The correlation of how do we eat well with the contradiction of the issue of waste will discussed further through addressing three articles, which are believed to have the indication denoting the intercourse from diverse approach towards waste which could leads to eating well. The…

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