Eating Spirulina Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Some also bubble in carbon dioxide because the algae remove this at a rate which exceeds the production of it from natural methods alone (Earthrise Homepage). Once it is ready, the algae is pumped into a harvesting building, where it is then …show more content…
I have showed that while it is generally accepted as a good source of nutrition, it can not be the only source for any extended period of time, and also that a limited amount is recommended per day, but there aren't any fatal or serious side effects. Further acceptance of its safeness can come from the utilization for centuries by the examples given from Africa and Mexico. Earthrise claims it to use 1/3 of the water as soy, 1/5 as much as corn, and only 2% of the water requirements of beef. It is also said to require 20 times less land area than soybeans for cultivation, and 200 times less than beef. It is also cultivated best in non-fertile, desert environments (Planet News). These statistics can be compared to the cost difference per gram between beef and Spirulina to determine which is the cheapest and most environmentally advantageous method in reality. People always need hope for the future, when the statistics of birth to death rates continue to increase. It is only natural to wonder where the food of tomorrow will come from. Until some other wonder plant comes along, Spirulina will continue to be tossed around as a solution to these …show more content…
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