Eating Meat: The Consequences Of Vegetarianism In Today's Society

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Register to read the introduction… Eating meat is without a doubt delicious and very convenient in today’s society. However, the desire for the taste of eating meat does not suffice for the consequences the world and people have to endure. Maintaining livestock uses up vast amounts of land and water. Livestock is taking away what could be the source of food that can be used to feed starving people. Eating meat is making our planet suffer and depleting valuable resources. In a world without much livestock, the conditions of living would change for the better. The air and water would be cleaner, many forests would not be disturbed, starvation throughout the world would be very miniscule, and the magnitude and amount of some natural disasters would be lowered that will contribute for a longer time humans could live on the planet. On a smaller scale, the diet change is beneficial to people’s health. This small change could bring more harmony to the world because prices on food would be lower, there would be an abundant amount of crops people could share, and the fighting for and stealing of food would end. The whole planet and the inhabitants would benefit when eating meat is not part of …show more content…
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