Eating Is An Everyday Activity Essay

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1. Why I Chose This Topic Eating is an everyday activity. However, the struggle with eating healthy can be hard as most organic foods can be high priced. With this observation, I have become curious on how the different types of food and why organic food is priced higher. I would have thought that the less you put into making the food, the cheaper it would be because the less labor it would take. I also am between being an exercise science major and a computer science major which both interest me. However, as I am debating on becoming and exercise science major, nutrition is a valued objective in that major.
2. What I Want to Know
I want to know what the difference is between being processed, organic, and GMO.
We see labels everywhere on food and assume that if it has an organic or non-GMO label on it that it is healthier when we don’t know exactly what the difference is until we get a chance to compare all labels and meaning side by side which is what I intend to do. I would also like to know what makes organic farming so different that our organic food cost a little more than conventional food. Which also leaves me with the overall question on why organic food expensive when my assumption is that it may take less work.
3. What I Already Know From observations over years, I have realized that food labeled organic is normally more expensive. However, I have noticed that when comparing fruit, cut and ready to eat fruit is also more expensive than regular not cut fruit.…

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