Essay about Eating Healthy Foods Is Too Expensive For The Poor

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Along with being expensive many seem to worry that a home cooked meal will not fill them up or give them the same satisfaction as fast food. In the article "Eating Healthy Foods May Be Too Expensive for the Poor." Carla Williams talks about how many families are drawn to fast food not just because it is cheap, bur their main concern is not going to bed hungry at night, and fast food fills them up. Fast food may fill people up but this is because it’s cram packed with sugar and carbohydrates but they’re not putting anything with nutritional value in your body. Fast food lacks the components that a properly home cooked meal can have. People are not getting all parts of the food pyramid. Williams also talks about how eating the daily serving size of healthy fruits and vegetables may too much for a low-income family. This can be true if people don’t do their research and actually take the time to look around for the best deal for your buck. It is important that once people find the best store for their shopping needs that they look at all the product the store has to offer and find the best deal.
Another thing that often happens with fruits and veggies is that they go bad before they are all used, It is a good idea to buy them once a week so that you don’t have a bunch of wasted food and money. This also helps people think of the meals they are going to make that week. Planning ahead is people’s best chance of breaking the fast food cycle. Also when buying fruits and vegetables…

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