Eating Healthy As A College Student Essay

1089 Words Apr 26th, 2016 null Page
It can be very difficult to eat healthy as a college student. The meal plans that are offered to college students limit them to the amount of places they can go, as well as limits them to the food they can eat. Most students are surrounded by unhealthy food during every meal. It is imperative that we increase the amount of healthy food that is served in cafeterias. We should not only increase the amount of healthy food, but we should also reduce the amount of unhealthy food that is being served. By offering healthier food options students at Benedictine University will be able to control their overall health, as well as their mood throughout the school year. By serving healthier foods in college cafeterias, college students will have an easier time controlling their weight. When talking about the overall health of college freshman, many people refer to the “freshman fifteen”. This is a term that is generally used because many first time college students typically gain fifteen pounds throughout the year. The amount of unhealthy food that is served in cafeterias is the cause of this. Many college students have a limited budget, as well as having a limited amount of time, so cafeterias are their only source of food during the year. Often times the food that is served is unhealthy, and there is only a small section of the serving that can be considered healthy. For example, the Benedictine University cafeteria only has one salad bar in it, compared to three areas that…

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