Eating Has Evolved With Humans As More Than Just A Mere Act Of Survival

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Eating has evolved with humans as more than just a mere act of survival. Today we have varying styles of cuisine that span across nations and the cultures within them. Furthermore, we all have differing tastes, opposing techniques and flavors that we have grown up on. While cooking and eating may have began as a path of exploration and freedom, we now have unwritten restrictions as to what is and is not ok to eat. As an example, within our society options like insects, pet-like animals, rats, rotting foods, tongues, and even testicles are among some foods that are considered taboo and would break our norms, or might even cause revulsion. While we may not realize it, our society strongly dictates exactly what we like to eat every day. Some cultures may view those examples above as delicacies. In fact, our specific tastes have been almost hand-picked by the people around us since the day we were born. Our society dictates what grosses us out and what makes our mouths water. In this regard, we are compelled to eat socially acceptable foods in such a way that goes beyond our simple likes and dislikes. Someone who enjoys to eat foods that are out of the ordinary may avoid doing so in a social setting for fear of being ostracised or looked down upon. As an example, someone may substitute a salad for a burger in order to appear as though they are eating healthier in order to avoid the stigma associated with fatty foods. In another seemingly extreme example, but probably more…

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