Eating Habits Of People And The United States Essay

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Eating Habits of People in the United States In understanding the eating habits of people living in the United States, I interviewed four random people (let’s call them Alison, Barry, Connie, and Darryl) I saw at the mall, who were sitting at the food court by themselves. I wanted to interview people who were alone mainly due to the fact that other people could not have an influence on their answers. I tried to chose people of different race, age, and gender, but I could not make all that that possible. Two were of white race (Alison and Barry) and two were of black race (Connie and Darryl). All of them identified themselves as middle class, except Alison, and only Connie and Barry were single. They were all adults but varied in the stages of adulthood. Before I interviewed them, I hypothesized that the majority of the meals they eat is from fast food chains, and they only make a couple home-cooked meals if they have the time to do so. I chose this hypothesis because I believe that most people are going down this path, partly due to the lack of time and their busy schedules they have to cook a meal at home. The way I interviewed them was I first printed out the interview questions provided with enough space to write their answers. I went up to them and politely asked if they were willing to help me with my assignment. They all agreed to do so, and I explained what I was doing. I asked them the questions and as they spoke, I wrote down the relevant information pertaining…

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