Essay about Eating Habits For A Healthy Lifestyle

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As Gilbert K. Chesterton once famously stated, “man does not live by soap alone; and hygiene, or even health, is not much good unless [man] can take a healthy view of it”(Chesterton), just like a person cannot be healthy without hygiene and cannot be hygienic without being healthy. Because “more than [two hundred] million children under [five] years fail to reach their potential in cognitive development due to poor health and nutrition, and deficient care"(Grantham-McGregor), it is very important that children learn good hygiene and correct eating habits for a healthy lifestyle. Good hygiene practices include but are not limited to bathing, hand washing, and oral care. In addition to hygiene, it is also important for children to be educated on how to dress themselves appropriately and learn what their dietary needs are along with exercise. Children should be taught while they are still young how to properly care for their bodies through practicing hygiene and healthy eating, which will allow them to develop correct body health habits that they carry through adulthood.
Smelling nice and feeling refreshed improves children’s self-esteem and helps them grow with confidence and poise. It is important for children to bathe because “a clean body, [and] clean hair, will [help children] feel good and [their] friends will be happy to be near [them]” (Kid’s Health). To bathe correctly, it is necessary to start out with a washcloth and a quarter sized amount of soap liquid or rub a…

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