Eating Food And Fast Food Essay

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You just finished your three hour lecture class and the next class is an hour later. There is no enough time to reach home and make lunch. To make things worse, you are very hungry because you skipped breakfast today. Looks like the drive-through at a fast food restaurant would be the solution to your problem. However in this fast paced world, there are still a number of people who still insist on taking home cooked meals instead of fast food. What makes cooked food so special? And what draws people craving for fast food? Though both are compelling in different ways, they still hold some similarities than you knew. Despite that most people believed that home cooked food is always healthy than fast food; but in my perspective, it is the food that we choose to eat. Both cooked and fast food can be nutritious as well as unhealthy. Consuming a lot fried or oily cooked food may lead to obesity and other health related deceases while fast food restaurant such as Subway allows you to customize your own sandwich, where choosing more veggies and less spreads is a healthier choice. On the contrary, you can also control the ingredients when you cook the food of your choice: less oil, less sodium, less fat. Fries and sodas from fast food restaurant surely are the main contributors to more calories and in the same time they contain a lot of sugar and oil. According to recent studies, 6 out of 10 Americans are either overweight or obese. The reason to this? People gain weight when they…

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