Essay on Eating Disorders Within The Lives Of Young Adults

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Eating disorders have been a worldwide issue in the lives of young adults. 95% of those who have eating disorders are between the ages of 12 and 25 (“Eating Disorder Statistics”). Not only have eating disorders become evident in the lives of young women, but they have become something that is in a sort, considered beautiful. The media has distorted the definition of perfection to the point of unreachable expectations. Due to this, the mindsets of young women have changed to fit that of society; they feel obligated to change their bodies so that they will be accepted. Eating disorders exist because of the way society portrays “perfection.” In today 's society women feel like they have to look a certain way to feel accepted, and we have the media to thank for that. Many young women are exposed to today’s media which consists of everything fake. This unrealistic beauty is causing girls to question their self-worth, further leading them to believe that their appearance is what defines them. Jo Swinson expresses her thoughts on the issue in a recent interview commenting, “The pressure to conform to such narrow ideals is overwhelming.” These ideals are not just coming from the media but from the modeling industry as well. On average, most models meet the criteria for anorexia, weighing at least 23 percent less than the average woman (Lovett). Celebrities, also face these pressures, feeling as if they need to be “perfect” in the eyes of media as well as other celebrities. Because…

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