Essay about Eating Disorders : Psychological Problems

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Eating disorders are classified as psychological problems that result in disruptive eating habits that can result in life-threatening consequences. Eating disorders don’t just involve psychological problems; it is also associated with emotional and physical problems. The three types of eating disorders discussed in this class were; Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa, and Binge Eating Disorder (General Information. n.d.). Individuals who are classified as having anorexia nervosa typically feel and describe themselves as being larger or overweight. They are normally just the very opposite though; quite thin. Bulimia nervosa is categorized as individuals with disordered eating who eat a lot of food in one setting and later get rid of the food. This disordered eating is defined as binge eating and the process of getting rid of the food is done so by techniques called purging, vomiting and taking laxatives. Individuals purge by making themselves throw-up what they had eaten prior. Fasting (not eating) and exercising a lot more than usual are also ways of getting rid of the food. The third type of eating disorder that will be discussed in this paper is the binge-eating disorder. Individuals who have this disorder typically become overweight because they are eating a lot in one setting but do not get rid of their food as individuals with bulimia nervosa do. The portage learning modules for this class discussed these topics briefly and discussed the nature-nurture debate. It is a…

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