Eating Disorders : Lack Of Self Control Essay

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Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are both eating disorders featuring lack of self-control. Functionally, anorexia nervosa seems to be excessive control regarding caloric intake; however, there is a lack in keeping a balanced diet. Conversely, bulimia nervosa leads to episodes of bingeing and purging. In either case, there is a fundamental emotional rift and a possible underlying mood or personality disorder; someone battling anorexia may alternately battle bulimia also. Whatever the cause, an eating disorder is at best a tormenting affliction and at worst a deadly proposition. SUMMARY OF ANOREXIA
Anorectics tend to outwardly be in control but the more pressure they succumb to the more out of control they feel. Those struggling with anorexia may have a past of others making body shaming comments, competitive sports that emphasize low body weight, sexual assault, abuse, or other traumatic life events (, n.d.).
Maladaptive habits established during atypical eating episodes allow the disorder to perpetuate itself. Physical effects connected with anorexia are emaciation, interruption of menstruation, irregularly low blood pressure, difficulty regulating body temperature, anemia, liver and heart problems, enamel erosion, and even death. (, n.d.) SUMMARY OF BULIMIA
“People with bulimia are often impulsive.…people with eating disorders suffer higher rates of other mental disorders including depression, anxiety disorders, and…

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