Eating Disorders : Eating Disorder Essay

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Eating Disorder Dilemmas
Imagine looking in the mirror every morning and viewing a heavy and unsightly reflection. Every second of everyday is spent thinking about what is consumed and how it will affect the body. All free time is spent obsessing over calories and exercising vigorously. That is the realization of living with an eating disorder. An eating disorder is a physiological disorder that is persistent in strange eating behaviors that negatively affect a person’s health and other areas of their life. There are several distinct variations such as Anorexia, Bulimia, and binge-eating. Eating disorders are a dominant issue that is dangerous, widespread, and growing rapidly in adolescents. Psychotherapy is the most effective treatment for eating disorders.
Anorexia remains one of the more prominent eating disorders out there. Someone who develops Anorexia view themselves as overweight but in reality they are underweight. The person will weigh themselves repeatedly and portion food strategically. According to the South Carolina Department of Mental health (DMH), “one in two hundred American women suffer from Anorexia” (“Eating Disorder Statistics”). The DMH shows how expansive Anorexia is. Anorexia survives as a grave condition that members of society tackle everyday.
Bulimia remains another common form of an eating disorder. Bulimia causes episodes of overeating, which then results in vomiting or over exercising to counteract the behavior. The National Institute of…

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