Eating Disorders Are More Popular Among Younger Females Essay

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There are many eating disorders, and in this day and age a lot of people have these eating disorders. Whether a person feels unhealthy, yearns to be thin, or eats based upon their emotions, one thing is true about eating disorders. They are popular among the current generation. People are not satisfied with their bodies. They are not satisfied with their diets. Maybe they are not satisfied with themselves. A lot of people around the world think that eating disorders are more popular among younger females. Is that really the case? It most certainly could be. In one study, it was recorded that physical appearance and weight mattered less to the men than it did to the women. Besides this study, many others display information regarding whether or not gender even plays a role in the development of eating disorders. Some studies say that it does not. Many of the studies that have been conducted have small samples from each gender so it is hard to tell one way or another. (Shingleton, Thompson-Brenner, Thompson, Pratt, & Franko). Eating disorders may begin to develop due to various occurrences. Some occurrences that may cause eating disorders are stress, depression, and traumatic events. People who have experienced any of these occurrences may be associated with bulimic or anorexic tendencies. People who experienced sexual abuse when they were a child may also develop an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. Neglect and emotional abuse are also linked to the development of…

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