Eating Disorders : Anorexia And Bulimia Essay

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Eating disorders are very serious and sometimes fatal sicknesses that can tamper with a person’s mindset and force them into a downward spiral, ultimately leading to hospitalization or even death. There are many factors that go into these illnesses and its often hard to simply stray away from the bad habits that are related to the eating disorders. Although Anorexia and Bulimia share some common similarities in their symptoms, the two are both very complex. The severity of Anorexia causes people around the world to impose self-starvation on themselves, usually because a low self-esteem or body image. According to the Experimental Brain Research article, it is common for a lot of woman to feel insecure about their bodies because of the high expectation of society to be thing and beautiful. This eating disorder affects around two million people the majority being woman from the age of 10-20. One of the most common symptoms of Anorexia is having an obsession with counting calories and knowing everything going into one’s body. According to Shepphird, “a “bad” day is when one has consumed more than their daily allotment of calories.(24)” Also, excessive amounts of exercise and trying to burn any unnecessary calories is another way these people try and stay thin. Besides counting calories, another symptom is hair loss and thinning. Murray states that when a patient of anorexia starts showing signs of hair loss this is because the body is severely malnourished. Since…

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