Eating Disorders And The Treatment Applicable Effectiveness Essay

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Eating Disorders and the Treatment Applicable Effectiveness
What is one thing individuals take for granted on a daily basis? Mental health. Some people go unaffected and do not consider the pressures others may be forced to overcome mentally. As many Americans take for granted the notion of not being affected by psychological disorders, many individuals are affected by these on a daily basis. Psychological disorders are defined as, “clusters of psychological, emotional, or behavioral symptoms that cause a person to experience serious distress or significant mental impairment…” (Williams & Piotrowski, 2013, para. 1). While there are many of these disorders, eating disorders, specifically, devastate and possibly end a person’s life if not treated.
If one were to look at the statistics, they can conclude an alarming amount of individuals are diagnosed with this condition. Eating disorders are when an individual has abnormal consumption of the food they intake. Sylvia Carignan (2016) describes one type of eating disorder is bulimia nervosa, widely known as bulimia, which a person consumes a large amount of food, only to regurgitate it back up (para. 2). People usually stick their own finger down their throat, forcing this to occur. This can cause damage to ones’ teeth as the stomach acid can corrode away their structure. In addition, it can damage the digestive track, causing serve pain along the lining of the throat. This practice can deplete the body of essential…

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