Eating Disorders And The Causes Behind Them Essay

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Eating disorders and the causes behind them is my wicked problem because 8 million people in the United States are effected by eating disorder, which is approximately three percent of the population (“Anred: Eating disorders statistics,” n.d.). I will trace this problem through the eyes of psychologists and sociologists through peer reviewed articles based on research of eating disorders in these two fields. I will evaluate where the causes of eating disorders through societal factors such as family upbringings and media influence. As a psychologist, I would look at the individual factors in order to understand how eating disorders come about and why people are more prone to them than others. My research would allow me to address the importance of recognizing the causes of eating disorders, how to prevent them, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. In “Parenting Styles and Eating Disorders,” the authors argue that low levels of parental care and overprotection correlates to a low self-esteem leading to a higher risk of developing an eating disorder. Their aim was to analyze the parental bonding profiles in patients, and the relationship between parenting styles. The researchers collected their data by giving a questionnaire to former eating disorder patients, which was comprised of sixty women and 10 men. This allows the researchers to delve in to the patients family life and their parents affect on their disorder. Sociology is the disciplinary approach used in this…

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