Eating Disorders And Its Effects On The Lives And Relationships

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Have you noticed that your friend has been going to the bathroom after meals? Have they have been eating more than normal? Or maybe less? Maybe they are eating mints after meals all of a sudden, or saying they have already ate when you ask them out to eat. They might be exercising a lot more than a normal person should. They may even be cold all the time, moody, or distant. Your friend may have an eating disorder. It is not always easy to tell. There are many different types of eating disorders that can have different effects on the lives and relationships of their victim, but all of them can be deadly. For those afflicted with eating disorders eating can be a long drawn out struggle which could be detrimental to their self-image as well as their overall mental and physical health. With the right treatment, education, and a little help from loved ones; eating disorders can be overcome. If you think you or your friend might have an eating disorder, it is important that you are able to recognize some symptoms and signs. There are the more obvious things to look for, such as, how often someone eats and how much. Also something to look for is how often they use the restroom and for how long. Different eating disorders have different things to look for. For instance if your friend had bulimia they would have frequent visits to the bathroom after eating to vomit or purge. If you notice that your friend does not eat or when you see them eat it is a scares amount, they may have…

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