Eating Disorders And Its Effects On Society Essay example

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American Teenaged girls find themselves imprisoned by the trap called thinness. There are numerous ways to attain an ideal of thin beauty, yet eating disorders are the easiest and fastest form of achieving this. Since the 1960s, many models and celebrities have been a representation of the perfect body. Their perfect measurements are being directly displayed by the mass media. Eating disorders have become a silent problem influenced by technology, the fashion industry, social media, and the movie industry. Many parents and scholars are unaware of how female juveniles are a vulnerable target that find themselves falling into the trap of eating less and over-exercising in order to fit into a thin-demanding society. Moreover, the clothing industry has been introducing more pieces requiring skinnier shapes. This has created negative feelings towards self-appreciation. Media advertisements for unhealthy food contradicts the unreachable goal of skinniness making the path to attainment hazardous. Although many view eating disorders as an uninfluenced choice, the mass media is the cause of the increase of eating disorders in teenaged girls.
In this essay, I will present the impact of eating disorders and introduce the many ways in which the mass media has affected in the increasing number of teenaged girls being consumed by this phenomenon. I will address the opposing views about the mass media and their influence on eating disorders. Lastly, I will conclude by linking my argument…

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