Eating Disorders : A Health Insurance That Will Help Raise Awareness / Support And Use Gene Testing

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In today 's society “Up to 35 million Americans have an eating disorder” (Prah 1). This number is continuing to rapidly grow and will get worse if it does get better soon. A few solutions to this problem would be to provide health insurance that will help, raise awareness/support and use gene testing. Eating disorders are an incredibly serious problem in teens and young adults and need more attention.
It 's important to realize how severe an eating disorder can be. Disorders like this are not just affecting the person 's body but their mind. Prah describes the behavior as a person 's obsession with how they eat and what happens to their body. There are numerous types of eating disorders, but the two that occur the most are anorexia and bulimia. Anorexia is when a person either doesn 't eat at all or only takes enough to live (Prah 1). This type of eating disorder typically appears in young women who aren 't happy with their appearance. Then bulimia is “compulsively eating large amounts of food and then offsetting weight gains by vomiting, fasting, exercising excessively or misusing laxatives, diuretics or enemas” (Prah 1). These are the most common types of eating disorders, but that doesn 't mean the others are not important. In the end they are all connected by a person 's environment and genetics. Although most assume it 's a female based disorder but over 10 million men also suffer from it (Facts On Eating Disorders 1). Eating disorders often appear in Hollywood…

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