Eating Clean At Social Gatherings Essays

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If you 're like me, you most likely woke up to having to deal with post-Thanksgiving "damage control"- not fun! Getting back on track with your fitness and weight loss goals after a festive holiday of overeating with family and friends can be overwhelming for some people. If you ate too much yesterday don’t worry you can regroup and get back to exercising and eating clean!

Typically at social gatherings there are plenty of high-calorie foods and desserts to tempt and tantalize your taste buds. Often self-discipline and control seem to go out the window the moment you step through the door. If you overindulged during Thanksgiving, don’t despair, there is nothing wrong with indulging now and again; in fact, it’s good for the body and mind to have a high-calorie meal after weeks of eating clean.

Unfortunately, many people have negative self-talk in the aftermath of overeating and convince themselves that they already ruined their diet, they may think “Why should I continue to try to lose weight or get in shape? I already gained weight back....” Then before they know it, they begin to mindlessly eat junk food and sweets and lack the desire to continue to exercise which ultimately causes more weight gain and frustrations.

Here are 6 simple ways to get back on track to assist you in reaching your ideal body weight goal.

6 Tips to Get Back on Track!

1. Get back to the gym! It’s easy to let the day after Thanksgiving be a lazy day after waking up feeling the water…

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