Eating Behaviors Are Considered Key Elements Of Health Essay

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Eating behaviors are considered key elements of health. Through the kinds of food that we eat and the way that we eat it, we can consume the nutrients that allow us to grow and develop (add ref). However, eating behaviors can also contribute to several diseases due to either a lack or an excess of certain nutrients and energy. Eating behaviors—especially those related to an unhealthy diet (increased intake of food with high amounts of fat, salt and sugars, and low amounts of vitamins and minerals)— have been noted by the WHO as “major modifiable determinant of chronic disease” (World Health Organization & Food and Agriculture Organization, 2003, p. 2), implying that it is a reversible condition. The unhealthy diet is considered a part of “Western lifestyle,” which has been associated with the rapid increase of the prevalence of chronic conditions such as diabetes and obesity (Fardet & Boirie, 2013).
Currently, there is a great interest in understanding eating behavior-especially those related to unhealthy diet- to implement better interventions on populations. Quantitative and qualitative methods have used on the study of eating behaviors. From the quantitative approach, a large amount of the studies use dietary intake methods to estimate the nutrient and energy consumption and the dietary patterns, and its associations with NCDs (Iimuro et. al., 2012, Shen et al., 2015, Setayeshgar et al., 2015). Traditionally, the more used dietary intake methods in the field are dietary…

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