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Eating late at night and before bed the truth
Should you eat late at night? This question has generated a lot of controversy in the nutrition and health and fitness circles. Some experts claim that there is nothing wrong with eating late at night. According to the US Department of Agriculture, eating at night is not the reason why you gain weight, rather it is what you eat, and the amount of food you eat that leads to more weight. Some even argue that eating late at night improves the quality of sleep. However, many studies show that eating before bed potentially increases the risk of weight. All these contradicting data makes the whole debate confusing. So, what is the truth about eating before bed?
An argument against eating before bed is
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This is somehow true, although there is no physiological explanation for it. Several independent studies have found sufficient evidence that links eating late at night with weight gain.
Some nutritionists argue that it’s better to sleep while full that go to bed hungry. They say that going to bed while hungry causes the blood sugar level to plummet, and this can reduce the quality of sleep. Sometimes, people get home from work very late at night and are faced with the option of eating before crashing on the bed or going to sleep hungry. In this case, nutritionist Fiona Tuck advises that eating is the better option.
Some people believe that eating late at night encourages unhealthy eating habits and should be discouraged. For most people, the late night meal is usually an extra treat taken after dinner and dessert. It’s an unnecessary supply of calories that may end up being stored as fat. Eating late at night may cause other bad behaviors such as eating while watching TV or surfing the internet, potentially increasing the chances of weight gain. Others believe eating before bed is wrong because it deprives your body of much-needed rest. After working during the day. Instead of resting, you force it to digest
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The researchers also discovered that eating late at night could raise cholesterol levels, which increases the risk of heart diseases. The researchers concluded that the study showed late eating late at night may increase the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other health problems.
In a study conducted at the University of California, researchers found that late night snacking could impact the memory negatively. The study, which investigated the impact of irregular eating habits on cognitive function in mice found that irregular eating patterns reduced the ability of mice to recognize new objects. The researchers also found that it could damage long-term memory.
In a 2015 study to investigate the effect of eating patterns on sleep and dream, Canadian researchers Russel Powell and Tore Nielsen found that eating late at night could potentially cause disturbing dreams. The researchers blamed this on the fact that eating before bed usually causes digestion problems which increases restlessness during sleep. Research has also shown that eating late at night increases the risk of a heart attack because it raises the overnight blood

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