Eating An Animal Based Diet Is The Focal Point Of American Society

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Healthy, cleaner eating has been the focal point of American society. There has been a long debate on whether eating a strict herbivorous diet is healthier than eating an animal-based diet. When you look at them at first glances an herbivorous diet also known as vegan diet and an animal-based diet are complete opposites. When you dive deeper and look into meal diversity, nutritional benefits and cost/avalbility they are more similarities then differences in the two.
First we will examine Veganism, we all know that vegetarian don’t eat fish, poultry or meat. But a vegan doesn’t use any animal products or animal by products such as dairy products, honey, eggs. Which leads to the next question, what do vegans eat? Contrary to common belief, vegans have diverse eating habits. Their most common food selections consist of tofu, grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, and pasta. To dive deeper into a vegan cookbook, we look at Tofu. Tofu, also known as bean curd, is a food made by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into soft cubes. Tofu contains all eight essential amino acids – our muscles, cells and tissues are made up of amino acids and they’re necessary for healing and organ function, too. It also contains useful amounts of iron, calcium and magnesium. Its so amazing that it takes on any flavour or seasoning you use in the dish. Its high protien value makes it a amazing meat replacement. Combine that with the wide aduandant selection of vegatables in…

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