Essay on Eating A Well Balanced Diet

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Eating a well-balanced diet is essential for good health and a persons’ wellbeing. Proper nutrition is a vital part of leading to a healthy lifestyle. Food provides the body with protein, vitamins, minerals, energy and essential fats to grow, live and function properly throughout our everyday lifestyles. In addition, combined with good physical activity, a persons’ diet can help reach and maintain a healthy weight, promote overall health and reduce the risk of some kind of chronic disease. A persons’ food choice each day can affect their health and how each person can feel today, tomorrow and in the near future. Nutrition focuses on how diseases, problems and conditions can be decreased and prevented with a healthy diet. Food is made up of nutrients, so therefore food develops, repair and replace cells and tissue in our bodies. Also, food carries out chemical processes, produces energy to keep our bodies warm, moving and working properly and fight against infections. Nevertheless, the body cannot function appropriately if one or more nutrients are absent. Vitamins and minerals are considered as micronutrients and they are needed in only small quantities while macronutrients such as fats, carbohydrates and proteins are needed in bigger amounts. A balanced and healthy diet provides the right amount of foods and meals that are safe and free from harmful bacteria and substances (Martin, 2015). Moreover, when eating well means eating a variety of foods that contains nutrients…

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