Eating A Heart Healthy Diet Essay

1000 Words Jun 20th, 2016 null Page
Eating a heart healthy diet makes a big impact on peoples’ lives. Exercising alone does not do anything for anyone that wants to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating a heart healthy diet improves the overall health for most people. Everyone needs to eat healthy to live longer and reduce the risk of many life threatening disorders. A heart healthy diet consists of eating in moderating, going by the MyPlate guide, and eating foods that promote heart health. One way to go about eating a heart healthy diet is to eat foods in moderation. Foods to eat in moderation are saturated fats, which are fats that become solid at room temperature, added sugars, sodium, red meats, carbonated drinks, and processed cheeses. Saturated fats increase the LDL in the bloodstream and lower the HDL. Saturated fats can cause heart disease. Heart disease leads to stroke, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and many other problems. Eating foods that are high in sodium can lead to problems with blood pressure and high blood pressure increases the risk for heart attacks. Processed cheese contains saturated fats, large amounts of sodium, and added sugars. Lean red meat eaten in moderation is good for everyone’s overall health. It provides protein along with many vitamins and minerals. Although it can be nutritious, red meat associates with heart disease and early death. Eating meats like venison and bison are better choices than eating some cuts of beef. Eating too many healthy foods can also be…

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