Eating A Healthy Diet

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The number of calories that is recommended for a female of my height, weight and activity level is 1875 calories. I eat close to the recommended amount of calories each day, and my current diet is enough to maintain a healthy weight because eating the recommended amount of calories is enough to remain at a healthy weight. Studies have shown that the amount of calories that a person eats during the day, not nutritional values in that food lead to an increase of decrease in body fat (Schwecherl, 2012). If I am able to maintain the amount of calories that I eat every day I should be able to maintain my current weight. That means that if I were to eat 1857 calories in just mini eggs every day I could remain at the same weight that I am. That being …show more content…
Nutrients such as protein and fiber fill you up and can lead to you eating less, feeling fuller and have more energy, so it is important to eat a balanced diet. After analysing the foods that I eat each day and looking at the nutritional content of the calories that I do eat it looks like I eat a lot of “empty calories”. Empty calories can be described as a food that contains a lot of calories, but have a very limited nutritional content. For example 1000 calories worth of broccoli and 1000 calories of soda are very different. Soda contains mostly refined sugars that cause insulin spikes, high blood sugar, increased appetite and increased belly fat while 1000 calories worth of broccoli contains healthy, low sugar carbohydrates and fiber as well absorb vitamins and minerals that I essential for human health (Hyman, 2015). I think that it is important for me to decease the amounts of white breads, fats and sugars that I eat and increase the amount of vegetables, protein and fiber so I can decrease the amount of calories that I eat while increasing the amount of

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