Eastern vs Western India Essay

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Poverty -In three poor states in eastern India, the poverty ratio dropped far more slowly -- from
66% to 47.15% in Orissa, 62% to 42.6% in Bihar, and 51% to 36.09% in Assam

Eastern India has a literacy rate of 59.7, which is much lower than the national literacy rate of 64.8.
While male literacy is lower than the national average, female literacy in the East is much higher than the national average of 43.9.
Workers account for 37.1 percent of the population of East

The ratio of both male and female workers is lower than the averages for India.

Economic Reforms

The Eastern region of India has a current population of 312 million and represents
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These rates reported by men were 22%, 59%, 17% and 59.5% respectively. Men reported higher prevalence of all forms of violence apart from sexual violence. Husbands were mostly responsible for violence in majority of cases and some women reported the involvement of husbands' parents. It is found that various acts of violence were continuing among majority of women who reported violence. Some socio-economic characteristics of women have significant association with the occurrence of domestic violence. Urban residence, older age, lower education and lower family income are associated with occurrence of domestic violence. Multivariate logistic regressions revealed that the physical violence has significant association with state, residence (rural or urban), age and occupation of women, and monthly family income. Similar associations are found for psychological violence (with residence, age, education and occupation of the women and monthly family income) and sexual violence (with residence, age and educational level of women).
The prevalence of domestic violence in Eastern India is relatively high compared to

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