Easter Seals Essay

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A Need for Change
Instructor Otzelberger
MGT 435: Organizational Change
August 29, 2012

I. Introduction
Easter Seals is a nonprofit charitable organization that assists people with disabilities. Easter Seals motto is “Creating life – Changing Solutions “so that people with disabilities can live, learn,work,and play”( Easter Seals, 2012).Easter Seals provides jobs to people with disabilities, due to the fact that it is often hard for people with special needs to find employment. In fact, it is often hard for people with special needs to find jobs. Easter Seals provides training for people with disabilities. In addition, Easter Seals also provides training for people with special needs. In addition, it is often due to attitudinal
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In that year 57-80 percent was spent on the organization. Even now in 2012 there has not been any increase in pay amongst staff and all overtime has to be approved by management. It has to cutbacks amongst staff and a decrease in hours for staff. All overtime has to be approved before it is can be worked.
The Kotter‘s 8 Step Approach
The Kotter 8 Step Approach is a model used to get organizations back on track. The 8 steps are: to establish a sense of urgency, form a powerful guiding coalition, develop a vision and strategy, communicate the change vision, empower others to act on the vision, generate short-term wins, consolidate gains and produce more change, anchor new approaches in the culture. According to (Smith, 2011) the article states “there are four things one must do to start the sense of urgency activate, accelerate, achieve, and assess”. Easter Seals should have activated a sense of urgency 1990 when the company had to take out a loan toward the mortgage. In addition, now in 2012 there should be an urgency to assess and correct the mismanagement of staff, over payment of staff, and prevent the company from having to file bankruptcy again. There should be a meeting called in the corporate office by CEO Rita Baumgartner to find ways to cut cost.However,if the organization sees sign of loss profits the organization should respond at a much faster pace before the organization gets to a point where it cannot

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