Eassy Truss 's Impact On The Way Individuals Communicate, New Manners, And A New Secret Form Of

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Lynne Truss says texting impacts communication through the changes in the way individuals communicate, new manners, and a new secret form of communication. Known for her 2004 book Eats, Shoots, and Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation, Lynne Truss is an English writer and Journalist. (Lunsford Brody, Ede, Moss, Papper, & Walters, pg 939) In the article used, Truss discusses her tendencies when texting. Humans already have a wide range of communicating with each other, and texting adds a new layer to this communication. One such way humans communicate even if they do not understand the other’s language, is through emotion. Robert M. Krauss performed an experiment where he played some Japanese soap operas clips for American students, and American soap opera clips for Japanese students. The students were then asked to identify the emotions in the clips. Krauss’s results lead him to conclude that, “a large share of the emotional content of the scenes was encoded nonverbally; and emotional expressiveness of the sort typically found in popular televised melodrama is relatively transparent cross-culturally.” (Krauss pg 295-305) Another nonverbal form of communication, is gesturing. Gestures help to convey emotions, invitations, or thoughts, and can vary from pointing, to even complete sign language. (Carter) Texting is yet another form of nonverbal communication. Yet unlike other forms of communication, it is available to everyone with a cell phone which allows it…

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