Earthquake Engineering : An Earthquake Essay

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Earthquakes for been a constant force of nature since the beginning of the Earth. The damage done by earthquakes over time cannot be over looked. The damage has been monetary, emotional, and has taken many lives. Today, a capstone in Civil Engineering, Earthquake Engineering is trying to reduce all of these damages using modern technology and resources to build structures that can withstand the mass forces of earthquakes.
Earthquake engineering is broken down into two major parts, the first being understanding how earthquakes affect current structures and the types of forces they apply to that are able to withstand the forces of nature and keep the inhabitants or people around the structures safe. The goal to designing an earthquake serviceable structure is that not limits the damage but that it is able to maintain its purpose and not risk the life of its inhabitants or surrounding people.
Many buildings around the world have to be up to a certain code especially places where earthquakes are frequent such as southern California. California is frequent to many smaller earthquakes and has some large ones throughout the years. The most remembered earthquake in California history is the Great San Francisco quake of 1906 with a magnitude of 7.8. The death toll here was about 3000 and much of the city was in disaster after many buildings were not ready for the seismic activity of this magnitude. After this event, many codes were to be passed and buildings had to be inspected and…

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