Earth 's Atmosphere : Global Warming And Greenhouse Gases Essay

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“Earth’s Atmosphere” Do you believe that mankind has changed the earth 's atmosphere? There have been many opinions on global warming and greenhouse gases that we are now left to figure out the truth for ourselves. Some discussions on greenhouse gases have led people to look only into the future and ignore the effects that cause it now. The truth is that the distribution of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere has drastically changed within the last century, a fact that only a select few acknowledge and try to remediate while many others choose to either complain or ignore the issue entirely. The truth is that humans are the ones that have substantially altered the earth’s atmosphere (McKibben 16). It is a proven fact that the changes in the atmosphere has had adverse effects on the weather, temperatures, rainfall, and the speed of the wind (McKibben 17). In the end the weather alterations can lead to everyone 's demise. Keeling 's Mauna Los data has led to the realization of carbon dioxide levels rising. Rising of carbon dioxide levels has led to increases in the temperature, and this has clearly changed the world around us as we know it. These changes include the sea levels, which will rise seven or more feet due to the polar ice melting and warmer water expands. On the other hand the land will dry up, because of increased evaporation. All this temperature changes may then exchange in the spread of disease (McKibben 18). Testing of the sea has proven that the…

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