Earth Without Art Is Just ' Eh Essay examples

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“Earth Without Art is Just ‘Eh’” -author unknown
“There is something especially magical about framing these moments of stillness and of absolute attention to the individual amidst this bustling city of millions, a city that never sleeps and never stops.” These are the words which with Maria Popova begins her article Humans of New York: A Vibrant Photographic Census of Diversity and Dignity.
The continuation of her article goes in detail about Brandon Stanton, the creator of Humans of New York photography. First she describes how he got to being the world known photographer who began the Humans of New York facebook page and authored the best selling novel of the same title. She goes on to expound on how emotionally influencing his photographs have become to the world, and how his passion for photography and people has been an eye opener to the aesthetic beauty of humanity. The main purpose of her article is to not only inform the readers about how Humans of New York came to be, but also how photography can build a story, and is not just some art form that can and should be easily disregarded or taken for granted; like is easily done in today’s selfie, iPhone, Instagram, social media filled world.
Reflecting on Popova’s words in her article, “In the age of the aesthetic consumerism of visual culture online, HONY stands as a warm beacon of humanity, gently reminding us that every image is not a disposable artifact to be used as social currency but a heart that beat in the…

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