Earth Is The Most Important Thing For Humanity Essay

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Sustainability Earth is a small fraction of the never ending universe, however it is our only way of life and needs to be taken care of. Life as we know it depends on one speck in the universe and that speck can only hold so much. Many people do not think about the actions made and what effects they have on the Earth but it needs to start being a priority. Considering the fact that there is only one planet that has the ability to keep us alive, it is the job of humans to make sure Earth lasts as long as possible and is not used up. As of today, there are over seven billion people and it is estimated that Earth can only handle up to nine or ten billion (Wolchover). Earth is not a renewable resource and there is not another planet able to sustain human needs. Taking care of this planet is the most important thing for humanity and the number one goal; there are some things I am willing to do to take action and prevent Earth from dying. One example of something I will do is changing all of the light bulbs in my house to compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) light bulbs. This small action will make no difference if I am the only one doing it; however, if everyone does it, our Earth would be able to eventually support more. When using CFL light bulbs, mercury exposure is little to none unless the bulb is broken. Mercury is the most potent neurotoxin known to man. Meaning, there are no other known chemicals which affect your brain as drastically. And worse, mercury doesn 't break down…

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