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On the opposite, companies with complex capital structure are required to present two types of EPS—Primary EPS and Fully dilutive EPS. However, a dual presentation is not required if dilution in the aggregate is less than three percent. In addition to primary EPS and fully diluted EPS, Opinion No. 15 brought out some new concepts such as common stock equivalents, the “if-converted” method, and the treasury stock method in computing diluted EPS figures.

In 1971, due to the complexity and controversy of Opinion No. 15, the AICPA had to publish 102 accounting interpretations relating to it by 1971. As a result, Opinion No. 15 was often misunderstood and misused according to many empirical studies that released by FASB. It was also kind of difficult for people to apply Opinion No.15 correctly. In this case, FASB issued new standards regarding Earnings per Shares in February 1997 which was the Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 128. The goal of the Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 128 was to simplify and regularize the computation and disclosure of Earnings per Shares compared to the Opinion No. 15. In SFAS No. 128, "primary earnings per share" was replaced by "basic earnings per share." Basic earnings per share is determined from historical data and measures the earnings per common share for the accounting period. The new calculation of EPS is dividing income
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